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, on the ramp toward jackson street a sig alert due to a water main break. one lane flooded at that off-ramp at jackson street right around santa clara. they hope to have that capped but for now it's very slow in the area. >> kristen: parts of the bay area have temperatures below freezing this morning as mike was saying. you might find it frigid outside your door. terry mcsweeney is live in san rafael where it's been in the 20s. i imagine it's still dipping. >> it gets colder as dawn approaches. as you can see one minute after 5:00 on the second day of 2013, 26 degrees, of course, freezing is 32 degrees and there it is two below on the celsius. take a look. frost on the wind shields, front back, grass, everywhere we looked and every car parked overnight, they have the frost. keep it in mind. and i have frost on my rear window, it's a good idea to defrost before backing out of a driveway. cool temperatures this morning and we are under the impression it will be colder heading up south the santa rosa area in that direction, north of here. in napa, some of the more protected valleys. so we
. and southbound on 680 on vargas there is an additional stall. >>> a wet mess in hayward. water main break on busy jackson street right near 92 off the freeway and 880 has resulted in a big traffic problem. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. what is going on? >> we just got briefed by authorities. this one has been stumped. it will be another 45 minutes until they can get the water. they say it's a big pipe, 12-inch pipe that broke about 3:00 38 this morning. they have been working for the last two and a half hours and haven't been able to figure out to get the water to stop. firefighters were first on the scene and they tried to the close the valve. water department showed up. called in for more help. they had fixed part of it. they shut off one source but water is still gushing here. they are still trying to deal with it but they are hoping for having it fixed in 45 minutes and traffic should clear up soon after that. that is just an estimate at this point. let me tell you about the situation. cars are getting through here. at jackson and santa clara but things are slowed down and lanes are li
people including 20 children. >> katie: a 12-inch water main rupture, the main broke near the intersection of salvio street around 7:00 last night. with gushing water did cause a few businesses to close early but water officials say they didn't need to close any streets >> today is your last chance to visit a san francisco institution in the current location. best part is free. the exploratorium at the palace of fine arts has out grown its home. the exhibits will be packed up and moved to pier 15 at the embarcadero. exploratorium was one of the first hands on science exhibitions in the country. we were just there with the kids about a month ago. there is so many things to do and hands-on learning, it's the best. today is free. >> it is 4:37. we want to take advantage of mike nicco. i know one word, we need you mike. >> okay, yeah. >> for information. >> i don't have any money, what else do you want? let's talk about spare the air. poorest air quality in the santa clara valley once again, but all of us are under spare the air and possibly again tomorrow. so no burning of an
of the water. >> we have breaking news, crews are working to fix three ruptured water mains in the east bay. two of the pipes broke in berkeley and another sprang a leak in west view drive. take a look at east bay mud crews at camilia and seventh street where a six-inch main broke. another smaller pipe, one and a half inch service line ruptured at high land place near the north side. that happened around 8:30. right now, crews are working to repair a busted water main in hayward. until they do, homes and businesses are without water. the road was underwater and has the flooding been stopped. >> the gushing of water has been stopped but look at the heavy equipment blocking the intersection. a traffic back-up. santa clara street is full of cars, they only have one lane to use and creating problem for homes and businesses. >> a 195812 inch water main broke. >> the soil is saturated but there is con fraction of the soil and that causes old mains to break sometimes. >> police shut down lanes at jackson and santa clara streets and all but one lane of the exit ramp of eastbound i-92. that meant no
? >> the army is trying to bring order outside the main prison were many are facing very little success with ongoing gunfire. there using live ammunition and shooting at the police and military force at the scene. in the meantime, the military has sent an aircraft that has managed to transfer 21 critical injuries to military hospitals in cairo. 30 were killed today. 300 were injured in some parts of the city. people remain quite angry here. they are upset at the harsh verdict. they are upset at the late arrival of the military and upset at the random lawlessness across the city for the past two years. it has led to these violent clashes. >> thank you. as we reported earlier there have been protests in suez after security forces killed 10 people on friday. the victim's family have been voicing their anger. dozens of protesters joined them and threw petrol bombs and stones. >> another chaotic day here in suez. nothing like the violence we saw overnight on friday when nine civilians were killed n clashes with the police. funerals were held earlier on for this nine civilians. hundreds of pe
>>> this is one of several water main breaks right now in the bay area. ahead -- the reason why this is all happening. >>> something different begins this weekend for san francisco parking enforcement. hear why merchants are angry. >>> and less money in your paycheck. the reason why -- at noon. ?o?ooooóññ >>> a major water main break impacts traffic near two major freeways. this is one of several problems like this in the bay area right now. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. >>> hundreds of people in hayward are without running water after a large water main break overnight near jackson and the 880 and highway 92 freeways. alex savidge was the first reporter on the scene at 4:30. he's live to tell us why our cold water may be having a problem. >> reporter: good afternoon. the hayward director of public works says a combination of frigid temperatures and soggy soil from recent rain is likely what caused this underground water pipe to shift and break. repair work is going on right now. i was just told by a worker they getting set to turn back on the water. businesses in the ar
continuing to pour from this intersection in hayward after a water main burst earlier this morning. >>> one thing i hope we can focus on is to put a package like this together with a little bit less drama. >> the long national drama over the fiscal cliff is over after a late night vote on capitol hill. >>> unless you are due for a pay rise or a promotion, you will see less money in your paycheck. we'll explain what tax holiday is expiring. >>> frosty numbers out there on the lows. afternoon high temperatures looks like they'll actually warm up a little bit. time for the second hour of the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning, to you. welcome to wednesday, january 2nd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong in pam cook this morning. let's start off with that quick look at your weather and traffic. steve, we can't stop talking about the cold temperatures out there. >> well, yeah. 27 is cold. 26 is cold. not as bad near the coast or the bay but still frost advisory or freeze warning out. i have seen 26, 27 outside of sonoma. look at that concord 29. fairfield 27. napa 29. there is cold numbers
to comment. >> i will say a couple of things to the chief deputy is that the main point that i would like to make is that the probability funds that are specifically favor projects that are complete street projects and this is a very good example of that. and in fact, the project designed addresses a number of these issues that some of the commenters have raised. particularly the business of reducing speed and width and so on, we have that information directly in the applications before you and let the chief deputy give you the details. i am very satisfied that this project is doing, if not 100 percent, of what the community might want, it is moving this facility very much in that direction. >> thank you. >> i think that keep this very quick, this item is the project is recommended for the prop a and it is in the running for the grant funds. this is a three-way project between rec and park and the san francisco agency and the department of public works. the concept proposal right now is reducing the traffic lanes from four to two, one main in each direction. adding sidewalks, and build ou
as they worked to a water main break. how it could impact your commute. >> people weigh in on a new law bans too skinny models. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. rise and shine on this thursday, january 3. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. glad to have you along. in withcheck meteorologist jacqui jeras to talk about these cold temperatures. brutal. makes you want to stay in bed. the cold weather will help you get active. temperatures in the '20s for the part across the region. national, 32 in quantico, 21 in frederick, 23 in winchester, 28 in culpeper, 27 marshall. it fills four degrees colder the wind chill. 5-10 degreesare than this time yesterday. feeling the difference. day ofll be the coldest the week. cover this morning giving afternoon,hine this high temperatures in the upper 30's. better from here. the warmer seven-day forecast down the line. from the belfort furniture center, now let's check on traffic with jamee. >> an early start to the rush hour. virginia on 95, 395. landmark, no delays up to the 14th street bridg
, lawrence. we have been monitoring this water main break in hayward which seems to be a problem as chp has now issued a sig alert in the area. so the water main break is located at jackson street and santa clara street right at that intersection just east of 880 and the 92 interchange. chp has shut down one lane of the eastbound 92 off-ramp at jackson because of flooding in the area. so they are advising you to avoid the area until they mop up. so it's jackson street and santa clara street but if you are coming off jackson off east 92, that right lane is now shut down. chp and hayward pd are on scene. we have live look coming up in the next few minutes to get you updated on this area. we'll do that as soon as the lanes open, as well. the san mateo bridge, westbound towards foster city no problems. eastbound into hayward not showing any delays right now, traffic looking good. and a live look at the bay bridge right now, our freeways are very light. not a lot of accidents to report on the roads right now. in fact, traffic have very quiet on the pay gates into san francisco. back to you. >> t
:30. a water main break on a very busy street in hayward. we're live with the camera right where the water is gurgling up. it is causing problems right now. this is on jackson street and santa clara. they've got a problem out there. the workers are out there. the police are out there. the water is flowing into the road. eastbound traffic on jackson is closed but the westbound traffic is still open. as you can see it got a mess. firefighters are working to get that water turned off. ktvu news crew has been there since 4:30. we're going to get a live update. a new update coming up at 5:30. >>> happening now as we were just talking about it's freezing cold around most of the bay area right now. with some temperatures dropping into the 30s and even the 20s. ktvu tara moriarty is live in walnut creek with more on the freeze warning. how cold is it there? >> 29 degrees. and you can really feel it. it's cold. it was 30 degrees when we first arrived but it's dropped a degree here on the bank sign here. is a freeze warning is in effect for your north bay valleys and mountains until 9:00 this mornin
. these shafts feed the water mains of each neighborhood, which branch into smaller pipes below the streets... feeding into buildings and houses, into the plumbing, and finally, after its long journey, to our faucets. providing water to homes and industry is a monumental task, requiring immense infrastructure. but once the water is delivered and used, it must also be taken away. man: it's important that the waste generated by any society not be left around. cholera, and other diseases and problems, have been spread, because people wound up living in filth. even the ancients understood that you couldn't have the sewage where you lived. and the easiest thing to do was transport it to another spot -- by water, or a river. most of the first sewer systems were on the east coast of the united states, often in places that already had developed a citywide water supply system. sullivan: in 1630, boston was basically three mountains, there were very steep hills. waste would run down quickly and dump into the harbor. and the tide would carry most of it away. well, this worked well for a while. the pro
of the manmade kind. apparently, a 12-inch pipe burst. take a look behind me. this water main break shut off water to 2,200 residents. woman: how many breaks are you working on right now? we have 24 breaks working right now. man: in our company, washington suburban sanitary commission, we had 479 water main breaks in february -- the most ever, for any february. man: this 10-inch water main in willard park is 73 years old. man: at wssc, we're having a year of record -- a ramp up slope of water main breaks that soon is going to reach exponential. man: the damage has been done. and this is the culprit. brunhart: today, 25% of our 5,500 miles of underground water pipes has reached the end of useful life. by the year 2020, 85% will have reached the end of useful life. woman: what to do? wssc is working on that costly problem right now. brunhart: it's not only true here, but it's true throughout our nation. narrator: across the united states, cities and towns are facing the challenge of aging and outdated drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure. it's a national problem. but it ne
at the house. 9 times out of 10 on the floor you will find the main water shut off, here. a lot of places have the sprinklers if you shut off the main in the street you shut off the fire systems. so, if you have a choice of shutting off the water in somebody's house go for the one that coming between the foundation, usually it's in the garage or basement. you turn it to the right. right to tighten, left to loosen. this is easier to turn on and off if you is get in the garage. if you can't use the one in the street. do it only if it's say safe to do so. if it's dangerous, leave it. >> this is a basic electric system. a switch and the screw in fuses. there are not many of these anymore. most have the breakers. okay. to show you what they look like. on, off. this is a safety box you can't get it open until you turn it off. a couple of screw in fuses. this is a cartridge and screw in fuses. here it says on and off. pull it out stick it upside down and stick it back in. circuit break /-rs this is what most have. you have the meter. that's how pg and e /khrarpblgs us. you have the big main. usual
there. that means these journalists out there have to do the job the main stream media should be doing. do the digging and show all of the facts main stream media isn't reporting. this is a serious injustice any respectible organization should tri to control narrative out there. it's despicable. >> one of the thing goesing out here, talking about new media. you can't fight devil was angels. you're not going to fix the big three. you're not going fix alphabet networks so what we have to do is fight them on their own turf and think of what we've done with new media, with talk radio. we've got to combine our efforts talk and new media because we have a larger reach when working that way. we've got to stop playing nice. we're too inelect wall. we do. conservatives. >> say that to liberals they think every conservative is dumb. >> right. right. >> we think they're going to process the same way we do. but they act and defend that. is why the race card matters so let's fight them as devils on their ground in the same way. >> headline out of the show is that you called liberals devils. >> medi
for the draft where many experts expect him to be a first round pick. >> a major water main break impacts to travel and shuts down a road way. this is from the caroline street to manchester route carolyn street to manchester road. kron four's jeff bush is in san leandro with the latest on clean-up efforts. local residents say that this water main broke was the same location eight years ago and cost the same damage. this water, on this section of the roadway, was too high. and the good news is that the east bay was able to get on the scene, quickly. and there was water main break escaping. and the fact that this roadway is not used that often. mainly at night and never able to get to the problem. also, there has been a low or impact to drivers. jeff bush, kron 4 news. friends and family were back out on the streets of hayward today, passing out flyers for a missing teen. 13 year old delicia moreno was last seen thursday morning at the burbank elementary school where she was dropping off her younger she does every day. alameda county sheriff's officials believe moreno ran away wit
on a major commuter route this morning. a water main break could cause big-time delays on wisconsin avenue. news4 has more live on that. tony? >> reporter: hey, good morning. it is going to be an absolute mess for drivers coming down 355 right by dorsett avenue. take a look behind me. you see workers trying to fix that water main break. i actually just looked at it. and i actually was able to see the crack. the workers are now going to be able to assess how they're going to fix it. the reason for the delay, they had to wait for the utility company yesterday and had to get through an initial amount of concrete. it broke yesterday around 6:00 p.m. they got the water shut off at quarter to 9:00. they had to wait for the utility company to clear some of the gas lines that were in the area. i got to tell you, this is going to be an absolute nightmare for anybody coming southbound on 355 into specific and into the district. right now, they have two southbound lanes closed. traffic will only be getting by in one lane. and i talked to some of the workers and got an update. they said this repair is
-- thinking about the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. that is good reasoning right there. our guys are football players. in terms of enjoying this moment come and join the most important moment is football. that is the best part. we can do the other stuff anytime. we need the opportunity to prepare for the super bowl. >> first of all, you either get better or worse. you never stay the same. that is the number one thing. the other thing, it is about football. keep it simple. keep our focus on where it belongs. our guys are very sharp and excited. they want to go down there and do better. they have practices to be a great football team. >> john harbor oh has very much enjoyed this week of getting ready for the super bowl. please were free to get ready for that trip. for one player, that means hanging out with fans. he signed autographs for a couple of hours and took autos. -- photos. he was incredible to watch. to continue your game week prep for super bowl xlvii, we have you covered. an hour of ravens db you do not want to miss right here on wbal- tv 11 news. all the thing
of homes. the county crew was working on a water main when it accidentally ruptured the six-inch gas main. a temporary shelter has been set up for the displaced residents. still ahead, here to answer your pet questions from the animal hospital. you should e-mail them to is -- to us. >> we have ways -- he has ways of dealing people's lives if you cross him. >> more former employees speak out against county executive out against county executive john leopold >> the misconduct trial for anne arundel county executive john leopold will enter its third day of testimony today. another former member of security detail took the stand. he said he was required to help with the 2010 reelection campaign and was ordered to keep watch as leopold engaged in sexual encounters with his mistress. >> people just really do not understand the influence that this man can have on their lives. he has ways of dealing people's lives if you cross him. >> if convicted on all counts, leopold faces up to five years in prison. more on 11 news at 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. in the murder trial of michael johnson, defense att
restored this afternoon after a water main break. we had a crew on the scene at 4:30 a.m. this morning, an hour after water started bubbling up. it happened where a pair of water lines connects. engineers blame the rain and low temperatures. >> the soil is saturated. so with the cold it is expansion and contraction and that causes old mains to break sometimes. wehave several small breaks over town. >> 100 customers lost service till noon. the city says one of the pipes is 85 years old and scheduled for an upgrade. >>> mud crews worked to repair three more water main breaks today. a 6-inch main broke here this morning. a 1 inch line in berkeley and another in oakland are also fixed tonight. the breaks were not weather related. >>> san francisco allowed people to park at most meters on sunday for free but those days are over. this sunday people will have to start pumping money into meters. ktvu's rob roth is in san francisco. some people think this will drive away business? >> reporter: right, frank. starting sunday, officers will be out looking for expired meters. and many people say th
crews are working to cap a water main break on one of the busiest streets in hayward. alex savidge has just arrived on the scene with the very latest from there. >> this intersection of jackson street where we are right now quickly filling up with water as you can see. we'll push in over there. water just gurgling up out of the roadway. causing minor flooding issues. much of it is closed down. jackson street in the eastbound direction is closed. westbound traffic still open as first responders and police keep things closed off. we've seen firefighters out here. they're trying to control the flow of water. trying to access the water valves. so far we have not seen the flow of water lessening any any way. we did just get here on scene. we are still gathering information. we have yet to talk to firefighter os police officers. i will try to get more information from them. get a sense of how this unfolded and how this began. for now we are live in hayward this morning alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and crews worked through the night to fix another water main break. this one in concor
military commander of the rebel forces -- this is a top military commander of the rebel forces. >> the main reason behind our slow progress and the stalemates on the front line is the lack of ammunition. we badly need tactical weapons. we are dealing with a regime that bonds civilians and villages -- that bombs civilians and villages. >> the rebels have repeatedly asked for antiaircraft weapons to neutralize government forces air superiority. a demand rejected by the americans, who fear those weapons might fall into the hands of groups like this, which was recently designated by the u. s. government as a terrorist -- u.s. government as a terrorist organization. the fight to take over this military base is planned and led by these men. they are widely seen as organized fighters. >> the situation of the fighters here is very good. we seek guidance from god, and we are determined to keep -- continue our fight until victory. our units are solid, and we remain united. >> many military commanders agree groups like this -- these remain instrumental in any effort to tilt the military balance in the
out the bodies, which is the main thing we can do for the victims' families at this point. also to treat the injured as quick as possible. >> police said many of the bodies were taken to a local gymnasium. hundreds more were injured. >> there are many people on different floors at throughout the hallways that have not been identified. it's not a big number, but the people here are desperate to know. >> already, this is the worst tragedy to hit the state. we have not seen an incident like this in any time in recent memory in brazil. there'll be deep investigation to figure out how what why, but right now, local officials are just trying to figure out the number of dead and injured. santa maria is a major university talent. a security guard and a local this paper said 2000 people were inside the club with the fire broke out. >> to get the latest on this story, let's speak to our reporter on the line from brazil. what more can you tell us of the still developing story? >> it is a tragedy is already being considered one of the largest and most significant in brazil. that some seeing
after a big water-main break. paul chambers was the first reporter on the scene and he joins us in green bray with the latest. paul? >> reporter: there is a shift change behind us and it was about four hours ago and we are now told the actual crew will not be able to get out here until 7:00 but things are under control with the water- main break and there is no more water spewing and you can see a fire hydrant, which is what caused the problem and when we got here there was water bubbling out and we are not sure if somebody hit the hydrant or if it just gave way. a fire department got a call about water flooding in green bray. the water was jetting out at least eight feet in the air. there was only one valve and the water was pouring out just not that powerful there. s a chance a sinkhole may develop and it may have eroded some of the dirt in the roadway. >> that water will flow at least 1,500 gallons a minute minute. >> just befor 4:00 they will hope to stop it. >> reporter: however there does not appear to be any flooding out in this area because the storm drains have been cleared.
, howard. in bethesda, an overnight water main break closes southbound wisconsin avenue between dorset avenue and wisconsin circle. use bradley boulevard, little falls parkway or even river road as your alternate routes. i'll have more information coming up in my next report at 4:47. andrea and mike? >> thanks, monika. >>> it's time for your first money segment of the morning. >> here's jessica doyle with today's headlines. what a day. >> if we could only have a fiscal cliffhanger and a deal every day. stocks surged interest the new year so to speak -- into the new year so to speak but the enthusiasm could be short lived. the budget deal doesn't tackle automatic spending cuts which are set to go into effect march 1. it doesn't address the debt ceiling and now moodies investment service is pressuring congress to deal with the deficit. the credit rating agency says ngress need as solid plan or could see the u.s.'s credit rating go down. back in september moody's warned it would cut the u.s. credit rating if the year end negotiations failed. it also issued a negative outlook on the govern
closure, water main break here on route 355. two southbound lanes closed on wisconsin avenue between cumberland avenue and dorsett avenue. getting by with one lane there. elsewhere on the roadways, 95 and bw parkway, looking good as you travel into the district from baltimore. we're looking at 55 miles per hour on the bw parkway as you're heading southbound. and here's a live look at the beltway at connecticut avenue. and looking good, as well. aaron, eun? >> all right. thank you. >>> a developing story now in adams-morgan this morning. police found a body last night on biltmore street just a block from where a 23-year-old missing man was last seen celebrating the new year. news4's megan mcgth is there live. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. this 911 call came in late last night. the report of a body found down at the bottom of a light shaft at an apartment building here on biltmore street. now there is a rooftop patio on top of this building. neighbors have told news4 that people were up on top of the roof celebrating on new year's eve. police were here on the scene until about 2:30
. >> thank you erica. >> 4:03. we have a developing story in marin county. a water main plank in kentfield . chp says the intersection may buckle as it is not possible at this hour. flood started this morning around 2:15 a.m.. we have a crew in route, we will bring you updates as they become available. >> this is video that has come into our newsroom with water gushing out of the ground as a result of a water main break. >> fire crews spent most of the night valley to alarm fire and a vacant building in oakland. we have video from the scene. the first- best fire first started around 6 and evein the evening. >> when firefighters arrived they found two people in a neighboring roof and it appeared they had escaped their from a burning home. the two were detained by oakland police for questioning. the oakland pd has them in custody. they are being questions about whether or not they had any involvement in the fire. >> according to authorities the building is a total loss. it is unclear if the two have been arrested. although we have heard that they will be detained for questioning. the called
will be right back. jwwñ . >>> crews just arrived on scene of a compromised area destroyed by a water main break. >> when you hear a child scream like that it's horrible. >> a neighbor talks about a frightening attempted child kidnapping . >> and a hidden camera scandal at a pizza parlor. how it put the owner in jail. >> the teale and black are back. we are live in san jose where excitement is building over the shark's first home game in nine months. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome to mornings on two. >> it's thursday january 24th. happening right now crews in marin are busy cleaning up after a big water main break. it was first reported shortly after two this morning. paul chambers first reporter on the scene and joins us now. its right near sir francis drake boulevard. >> reporter: access is really busy. this area is more residential but there are a lot of cars passing through. you can see the repair crews just arrived on scene with in the last five minutes. basically they are getting ready to do a lot of repairing. things are
palo alto estimates damage at $2.6 million. >> cold weather contributed to five water main breaks around the bay area. the first one, last night in berkeley, crews called to two locations today, the fourth was at west view drive in oakland, crews worked to fix the break on santa clara street. abc 7 news is live for us. nick? >> the work all day and have continued to work up until the last minute. in fact, they just wrapped up, here in hayward. you know if you woke up in the morning with out running water, they did their best to cross the east bay to make sure that if that tap wasn't working to get that water flowing again. the city of hayward's department of public works forced to deal with one of five reported water main break as cross the east bay today arngs 4:30, reports of the break made its way to city hall. by 5:00 a.m. crews identified a problem, and were digging up a section of santa clara street to fix the busted pipes. more than 300 customers were without water. the problem? this section of pipe. the 12 inch pipe built in 1958 became a casualty of age. officialseyy say
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